Friday, 15 June 2012

Embarrassment rocks

This week I was informed I'm a 'total embarrassment'. Which is a relief because I'd hate to be considered incomplete in any way.  DD2 was on her first solo school trip - a week in France with radio silence (gulp) - I needed to keep busy, plus DD1 and I never usually get mother/teenager time. On top of that I had a lousy week battling bureaucracy and needed cheering up, so we went to the cinema to see 'Rock of Ages'.

I didn't have much idea what it was about but: OMG as she would say, was it right up my avenue, or wot?! A movie about 80's rock music, with soundtrack including loads of my favourite rock songs, including one from Bon Jovi. In hindsight, the poor teenager didn't stand a chance. It was an early showing and fairly empty and other people were singing too. She gave up after about the 18th time of hissing "Mum, stop singing".  Last to leave the auditorium - with not another soul in sight - I air punched and hair swang up the aisle to 'Paradise City', while DD1 slid along the wall squealing 'stop it', looking like she might faint. As I reached the door, I abruptly turned my final air punch into a hair smooth as the usher came in with his black plastic sack to collect the rubbish. A tiny cry escaped DD1. Still singing (quietly) walking along the high street I got: "Mum, you look like you're drunk. Please, can you just hold on until we get in the car?"

Earlier in the week, we'd gone to the supermarket to choose dinner without the restraint of our little fussy eater (currently facing snails, and amphibian legs) and I sang, apparently too loudly, 'Just the Two of Us'. Again, reprimanded. I don't set out to embarrass, but as my very existence is enough to mortify if we're spotted by anyone she knows under the age of twenty, a little singing can't make it much worse, surely? Besides, unless I'm very much mistaken, there was a grin in the grimace from the daughter. And when I said goodnight, she gave me an extra hard cuddle as she shook her head in despair.

All of which provides me with the perfect excuse to post gratuitous pics of my number one boys taken at gigs where I can air guitar and head bang amongst like minded people. Ladies, you're welcome.



  1. Replies
    1. I want to see the stage show now. Wanna come? Think how bad that will be. x

  2. Well Done You!!! My two teenagers have long since learned that asking me to stop doing something in case of embarrassment mis-translates on its way to my ears as 'Do it longer, louder and prouder!' Now they just shrug and hope for the torture to soon be over!

    1. I think she's getting the message! I'll stop the day I'm embarrassing myself. Maybe.