Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The old-fashioned way

A good friend of mine in her seventies is independent, feisty and highly capable. She owns a mobile phone for emergencies and refers to her computer as 'The Box'. About a month ago, she mentioned she needed something fixed but her odd-job man was busy, so when I bumped into my odd-job bloke the following day, I asked him to call her. He did, and left a written quote. 
Yesterday, my friend rang. "My dear, it's time to get that job done. Does J have a home telephone number?" I said that I had no idea as I've always used his mobile.
"Oh. I see" she replied.
"Is there a problem?"
"No, dear, but I don't ring mobile phones. They're far too expensive."
I was about to offer to call or text him for her, but she beat me to a solution.
"Don't worry dear. I have his address on the quote. I'll write to him."