Friday, 13 January 2012

Tinkerbell therapy

I started to blog about my week: DD2 home from school for three days with a virus, the replacement tap debacle, the repair to my roof and gate, the fancy light that blew the second dimmer switch, and the family drama that I can't talk about. But even I was bored.

Instead I want to share my first baby step towards my goal to stop taking life so seriously.

Taa daa.....

And this, despite declaring on Twitter last week that Hama beads are the devil's work for their ability to get into every imaginable crevice (especially between bare toes).

A friend had only popped in briefly but when DD2 got bored and disappeared to watch Tracey Beaker she and I produced our girl here:

Didn't Tinkerbell help Peter Pan reclaim his youthful spirit in Hook? Perhaps some of her magic will rub off in my direction. In the meantime, I'm off for a well-earned glass of something cold and for adults only.