Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The kindness of strangers

I just got a present in the post! It was completely unexpected and from someone I don't know. Actually, that's not strictly true. I feel I know her well - we've been through a lot in the past year or two as she's offered words of support and wisdom many times - but we've never met. She is one of my virtual friends. (In case you're wondering, she had my address from something I bought from her online shop last Christmas.) And this lovely Tweep decided to send me some things she knew I'd like 'just because'.

All I can say is they need to come up with some stronger words than thrilled and overwhelmed.

Want to see what I got?! I hope she won't mind if I show you. Inside layers of tissue and gingham ribbon were three beautifully wrapped presents and a card:

First thing I opened were these. They made me giggle out loud:

 The next I opened made me squeal. She made this herself and I'm learning to crochet:

 My final parcel made me catch my breath. I'd been admiring hers last week:

(It's a cushion cover.)

Then this, with lovely words inside which I'll keep just for me:

Even the paper made me smile. A pile of girly happiness:

The fact that my friend sent me gorgeous and thoughtful things she knew I'd love without warning or reason is only part of the story. The fact that she thought enough to take time out of her own stressful life to send them is the part that lifted my heart and made me realise just how much I have to be thankful for. And we've never even shared a cuppa. What a genuinely classy lady.

So, my little friend - you know who you are - I say a mammoth:


Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go and change my socks.


  1. Ah how lovely - lovely, lovely. Wish I could think of something profound but that's just lovely.

  2. *squeals* ooohhh yay!!! They arrived!!! I'm so so so very pleased they brightened your day lovely....and you are more than welcome (as well as being farrrrr too kind x x x). I wasn't sure whether you'd prefer the turquoise or white background cushion so I went for white as I thought it would blend more with lots of different styles. Hehehehe about the socks.....I laughed out loud in the shop at them and got some funny looks.....do I care? Do I heck as like! It was fun :) I just wanted to send you a little caring smile... and a hug x you've needed hugs recently and I felt the only the I could do was send you a pressie one. It's funny isn't it, not having met but having a friend....just shows you you can meet the loveliest of people in the most unlikely of places. I'm so glad they cheered you up lovely lady.... you're a lovely tweeting, supportive friend :)

    With much love & many hugs,

    Jo x x x x

    1. I just may shed a tear at this rate! LOL. No, seriously!

      Now all I need to do is keep DD1 off the socks and DD2 has her eye on the crochet gorgeousness. Gerroff, the lot of you!

      Hugs right back at you, my friend, and thank you.

  3. Well P. You attracted that lovliness to you. You deserve it. What a special lady. Both of you.