Saturday, 5 February 2011

Wishful thinking

It's the weekend! Yay!! With no firm plans, here's what I hoped/thought I would be doing today:

1) Enjoying a well earned lie in, tea and toast in bed with a book whilst the DDs amused themselves or piled in next to me.
2) Mooching around the local charity shops.
3) Meeting a friend for coffee.
4) Writing.
5) Baking cakes with DD2.
6) A bit of washing.
7) Quiet evening with the girls watching their favourite programme.

What I actually did today:

1) Begged an urgent early appointment for hypertensive cat who's eyes suddenly dilated like Puss in Shrek and freaked us all out last night by sitting on the ends of our beds staring at us. (Walked away £150 lighter and that's just for starters.)

2) Raced to local shops to buy present for former MIL's birthday to get back in time to pick up moggie.

3) Washed the equivalent of Kilimanjaro as DD1 sorted her bedroom out yesterday and it's easier to put it in the laundry basket than hang it.

4) Resealed all around the bath to prevent the water that  had begun flooding through to kitchen and toaster inconveniently positioned underneath. (A bit like icing a cake you need a steady hand and a gadget.)

5) Reattached the trim on the front of garden shed with a large hammer and copious nails after almost being decapitated whilst getting cat basket.

6) Filled and painted over hole from the loo roll holder which is perfectly happy to be used by adults but hurls itself on the floor every time a child uses/swings from it. (Giving up on it for a floor standing one.)

7) Got conned into letting DD1 have a sleepover here after DD2 got invited out to one.

8) Helped DD2 bake 3 dozen fairy cakes.

8) Cooking dinner at the same time as medicating and feeding cats, supervising decoration of fairy cakes, reloading the washing machine and wrapping former MIL's present, I picked up a baking tray full of crispy seaweed which I had forgotten had been in to pre-heat.

So I'm taking my burnt, sealant covered hands, placing them around a cold glass of chardonnay, commandeering the TV and starting my weekend again. At least Sunday is going to be a quiet one ...


  1. Sounds like an eventful weekend. Hope this one is shaping up to be better. Lots of me time needed.

  2. Me time? What is this 'me time' you talk of??? (Actually, spent Saturday afternoon in a wine bar so can't really complain this weekend!)