Sunday, 20 February 2011

A blog hop: 7 things you don't know about me

I was recently tagged (thanks!!) by Caroljs  to list 7 things you don't know about me. So forgive the narcissm (and I hope I've done it right, Carol!) here we go:

1) I have always wanted to drive a juggernaut, complete with checked shirt, Yorkie bar, little bed area at the back of the cab and CB radio "Ten Four for a copy... What's your handle?"

2) I have seen Bon Jovi in concert 9 times and I am Jon's true spirtual partner.

3) Many years ago I worked with a bully who, obsessed with teeth hygiene, used to leave her washbag in the ladies. After one particularly bad run in, I gave her toothbrush a little trip around the rim of the toilet and put it back in her bag.

4) When I was a student I worked as a wine waitress in the banqueting suite at London Zoo and after some events the staff got to consume any opened leftovers. On one occasion the keepers coming into work at 6am discovered me staggering around the zoo with a bottle of champagne under each arm, searching for the elephants "to say good morning".

5) Until recently I lived opposite a park and the ice cream van used to come round 3 times a day. Fed up saying no every time, I told the children that when it was playing the tune, it was telling all the people it had run out of ice cream.

6) I have a secret love of country music and the longer and more detailed the title, the better: "Who's bed have your boots been under?" by Shania is one of my favourites, and I have a (now not-so-secret) yearning to see Dolly Parton in concert later this year.

7) I have a ridiculous habit of making people jump. I am always hiding behind doors or shouting 'boo' in the tense bits of films. My FH didn't see the funny side when he opened the shower curtain once to find me brandishing (I SWEAR for a joke) a knife and making 'eek, eek' Psycho sounds.

I am now supposed to nominate some others to do the same, so with apologies...



  1. Champagne and elephants Paula really? You couldn't make that up. Love the bit about the ice cream van - most of us only have to face up about Father Christmas and the tooth fairy!

  2. Ha! SuspectI'm a baaad mummy! lol.