Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Timed out

The watch the fourteen year old asked for for Christmas was losing time by New Year. I contacted the shop online and they're sending an immediate replacement. DD1's response? "Oh, that's good. I mean, I'm not worried about all that time-telling shizzle, I've got my phone for that, but I suppose it's better if it works."


  1. Oh this is brilliant. And so true - in a class on sunday, about 8 or so ladies in there, when the instructor asked if anyone knew the time, I think all of us reached for our handbags to get our phones! I have a lovely watch, that I dont wear due to it being broken.. Must dig that out and take it to be fixed after reading this!
    And I bet you thought you'd bought a 'useful' present.. At least she likes it though! x

    1. Funny thing is,she'd asked for a watch! It's all about the fashion, apparently.